Oliver sacks: the doc on the bike and in the brain

Shivanand, Thejaswi (2016) Oliver sacks: the doc on the bike and in the brain. i wonder.... pp. 112-116. ISSN 2582-1636

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magine a doctor, a friendly gentleman with a white beard, who smiles genially at you from across his chair. He would like to know how you feel after being struck by lightning. You tell him how you have been suffering from blinding headaches since the incident - headaches that seem to resist medical intervention. A friend had suggested that you meet this doctor, a neurologist. Sitting at his desk, you add that you’ve suddenly discovered an irresistible taste for learning classical music, something you never particularly liked until you were hit by lightning. This doctor listens deeply, and seems to take furious notes on everything you say. He is interested in your headache, but seems to be more interested in your new found musical tastes. You discuss Bach and Debussy. At the end of the session, he writes out a prescription for your headache but asks you to visit him again. You thank him and leave his office. In a few months, you receive a handwritten letter from the doctor asking for your permission to include your story in a collection of medical cases that the doctor is compiling on people with interesting life stories around brains and music. You are thrilled to hear this, but would like anonymity in the book. He agrees. A year later, you walk by a bookstore and notice a new book on the shelves – Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, your doctor, with your story featured prominently in it, without mentioning your name.

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