GANDHI, DR. HANEET (2017) Method in Mathness, CATALOGUING 1-UNIFORM TILINGS. At Right Angles, 6 (1). pp. 15-20.

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In my earlier two articles on Tessellations – Covering the Plane with Repeated Patterns Parts I and II – which appeared in At Right Angles (March 2014 and July 2014), I tried to provide a glimpse into the topic of recognizing regular polygons that can tessellate. In an accompanying article, Enumeration of Semi-regular Tessellations (AtRiA, March 2014), the authors arithmetically enumerated the combinations of regular polygons whose interior angles could fit together to make a complete angle (i.e., 360°); 17 such combinations were listed. However, not all of these tessellate. The present article may be viewed as an extension of the earlier ones; I have tried to identify and shortlist the combinations that extend to create semi-regular tiling patterns.

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