Fermat Numbers

Sethuraman, B A (2013) Fermat Numbers. At Right Angles, 2 (3). pp. 2-5.

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The French mathematician Pierre de Fermat (1601–1665) was a veritable giant of number theory whose discoveries, and especially, whose conjectures and unproven assertions, kept mathematicians hard at work for several centuries that followed. Indeed, the �irst two issues of this magazine both featured his work: the �irst issue reviewed a book ([1]) on the history of what is known as “Fermat’s Last Theorem,” while the second issue, in an article on the four squares theorem ([2]), describes Fermat’s work on primes that are representable as sums of two squares. B. A. S��������� Besides these two well known contributions, Fermat is known for a whole host of other theorems in mathematics. He was a lawyer by training, but his passion was mathematics. He shone in arithmetic (which in its more advanced form is what we call number theory today), but made seminal contributions i

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