In his own words: George Polya

, CoMac (2013) In his own words: George Polya. At Right Angles, 2 (1). pp. 30-34.

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George Pólya was a highly influential mathematician of the 20th century. His research contributions span vast areas of mathematics —complex analysis, mathematical physics, probability theory, geometry, and combinatorics. He was at the same time a teacher par excellence who maintained a strong interest in matters of pedagogy right through his long and richly productive career. Among his widely read books are How To Solve It, Mathematical Discovery, and Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning (two volumes). He also wrote (with Gábor Szegö) the influential two volume series Problems and Theorems in Analysis. We give below a sampler of Pólya’s writings on teaching. (In some cases we have taken the editorial liberty to modify the sentences very lightly.)

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