Political agenda of education - a study of colonialist and nationalist ideas (Book review)

Sarwate, Parth (2008) Political agenda of education - a study of colonialist and nationalist ideas (Book review). Learning Curve (11). pp. 11-12.

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The state of education in India today concerns us all. The rote memorization of texts, the supremacy of the text book, the dictatorial role of the teacher in the classroom, the finality of the examination in deciding the worth of the student’s achievement, the question of gender and caste, the government led and delivered curriculum and many other challenges facing the education system in India are all possibly symptoms or causes of our colonialist and nationalist past. Krishna Kumar in this book, Political Agenda of Education, delves into that past and analyses, brilliantly, the development of the modern education system. The book traces the roots of the education agenda from the beginning of the colonization of India to a nationalist revival and peels the various layers of political agendas that dictated the legacies that still linger on.

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