Learning science the NCF way

Prasad, Indu (2009) Learning science the NCF way. Learning Curve (12). pp. 1-5.

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The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 states that “one important human response to the wonder and awe of nature from the earliest times has been to observe the physical and biological environment carefully, look for any meaningful patterns and relations, make and use new tools to interact with nature, and build conceptual models to understand the world. This human endeavor has led to modern science.” “Science Education” is the theme of this issue. Obviously, it is a theme where we need to cover a range of topics from 'why teach science' to 'how to make science fun for children' to 'how to encourage children to take up higher education in science' and 'how critical it is that we have a strong stream of scientists emerging from our education system'. The only way we could have attempted this was by inviting a number of practicing scientists, professors, school teachers and innovators to contribute their thoughts. Each of these eminent persons has most willingly contributed to the issue. We are greatly indebted to them.

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