Social Science – A springboard for life

Bhavanam, Richa (2008) Social Science – A springboard for life. Learning Curve (15). pp. 125-127.

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Sociology’ and ‘Psychology’- I have shared a relationship of fascination with these two words from the time that I vaguely knew what they meant. It is quite absurd actually, the idea of studying society, people, their brains, emotions, reactions, (all of it/the whole lot!). Having studied subjects like English and Math for the first 16 years of my life, these topics seemed to be scattered, disorganized, and all-in-all impossible to look at through one fixed framework. How can our actions and feelings be explained by a set of theories and rules? True, they cannot. As I later found out, the social sciences are not monolithic, in that, they do not use one, single theory that everyone in the field agrees with and follows. They each carry their own view point, ideas, questions, and answers. Perhaps this is the reason that both sociology and Psychology contain many, many facets, and, for me, this multi-facetedness is one of the beauties of the social sciences.

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